Vice President of International & Governmental Affairs

Shivam Shodhan, MD, MBA is a Clinical Research Fellow at Stony Brook University School of Medicine. He completed his medical school training at St. George's University School of Medicine, as well as earned his Master of Business Administration at University of Florida Hough School of Business. As an individually passionate for both clinical and academic medicine, he has repeatedly served as co-investigator and has delved into multiple government-funded clinical research trials including most recently an NIH-funded grant. Additionally, he has prepared countless IRB approvals and grant proposals. He has presented at multiple conferences throughout the country for his research.

Actively involved at Stony Brook University with the School of Medicine and the University Hospital, he has had much experience with healthcare administration and management. Most notably, he is part of a core team involved with enhancing patient recovery within the hospital, while decreasing hospital length of stay, allowing the institution to maximize ethical and economical goals. Aside from his commitment within the hospital system, Dr. Shodhan has taken an active role in community engagement and education through his mentoring endeavors, instruction of healthcare professional courses, teaching of personal development, and promotion of cultural diversity.